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May 22, 2019


Linda Freedman

Hi Suzanne,
I think many of us can identify with this column. I have had my ATM card denied many times. And it is always my fault. I HATE math, so I never keep track of how many times I have used it. I GUESS at how much money is still available. My husband has given me the “just deduct as you go” talk many times. I do have a credit card back up, so I only cause a momentary halt in the flow of shoppers. But I do feel their judgment! And I do feel the need to plead my case, as phony as it may be. “That’s what happens when you have been shopping all day.” It is a big lie. The truth is I only shopped in one store. I could have easily done the MATH from other trips on other days!

Thank you for keeping it real and honest,
Linda F.
Cheshire, CT

Suzanne Beecher


Thanks for your story. I know your husband says just keep track, but when you're out enjoying looking and shopping a break in the day, who wants to think about math? I'm with you on that.

Have a delightful weekend.

Suzanne Beecher

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