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May 29, 2014


Linda Deline

You have got to be kidding! What is it about company reps (which a repairman certainly is) that makes them think they can act like that? Plus 80% accuracy is ridiculous!! Where I worked before I retired, the aim was 100% but as long as it didn't fall below 98% they accepted it...80% my eye...makes me angry just thinking about it....finally agreed to fix it...good grief, he's lucky he has a job. I'd call his company and tell his boss your experience...this is not "just a complaint"...this is correcting an attitude that can hurt a company! Hope your oven works beautifully from now on. God bless.


I agree with Linda. Not acceptable. I've had my 5 yr old oven repaired 3 times, once within the first month. Is it too much to ask for an appliance to last a 5 or 10 yrs before it needs service?

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