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September 19, 2012


Brandy Bosquez

What a beautiful story I type with tears in my eyes. I tried to post earlier not sure what happened. I am a fellow cat/dog lover. Growing up in the country we always had pets wonder up or would find them at the local store and bring them home. We would nurse them back to health and have many years of companionship. We (well my mom as I no longer live at home) still have a black senior no idea how old she is late teens her name is Cheyenne!! She now lives in the laundry room as the hot Texas summers are too much for her. When visiting I always go sit with her for a while. She still has the strongest loudest purr for being so frail! I will be looking for your book as it sounds like something I would enjoy. Thank you for sharing your rescue story.



Thank you for rescuing those lost and injured animals. You and your mom are wonderful. Your black kitty, Cheyenne, sounds like quite a lovely character, and she was lucky to find you. You and your mom are angels for keeping her inside during the hot summer.

All the best,


Susan Wingate

I love this bit from your past. As a huge cat fan myself, I say "Bravo!" :)


Thank you, Susan! Good to see you here.

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