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March 31, 2011



Suzanne, I abhor snails! It keeps me from doing more in the garden. One year my very "green" neighbor brought over some of her fresh lettuce from her garden. We set it on the counter, and when I came in later to wash it, I found snails crawling all over. In horror, my brother and I proceeded to try to eliminate them with a butcher knife. Soon we had twice as many snails wriggling around. I don't think we ever ate that lettuce. Just scooped the whole lot into the trash.


I must thank you for my laughter this morning. First cup of coffee with your daily column/read. I was sitting here laughing, I mean really laughing, picturing YOU freaking out on snails and throwing, I assume, your gloves with snails on them into the street with cars passing by. Thank you so much for the laughter, I really needed it.

Don't know how I missed this column, must have been when my mother was having surgery and in the hospital for a few weeks, I read your column every morning. I've been with you since '01. My favorite is when your husband got locked in the bathroom on the second floor.

It's so good to read with friends.


I read your column this morning about the snails. Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled around your plants should work. It is like sharp sand and it pierces the soft bodies when the snails crawl over it. I have used it successfully for snails here in Indiana.

I read your column every morning when I get to work to check my emails. I have found many new books to read that I would never have found without the introduction through your book club. Thank you also for sharing yourself. That is the greatest gift we can give anyone.


The beer method usually works pretty good but heres plan #2.

Take a saltshaker out with you. When the snails are extended outsire the shell, sprinkle some salt on their soft part. They will disolve.



As much as you love to cook, can't believe you hadn't thought of that. (big grin)

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