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March 30, 2011



You are so cute!...and sweet to worry about your semi-wild cats. I've heard so many stories of cats with multiple families, and it makes sense really, a good survival skill. One friend told me that
her Siamese cat had a second home. When she divorced and moved, she informed the second family that she was leaving the cat in their care,
since she didn't think it would want to move. I remember a neighbor's cat trying repeatedly to get into their old apartment when they moved
across the hall to a bigger place...I wonder what they think...and what they think of us.


Your column about Mama Cat really made me laugh, especially the part about hiring a Kitty Private Eye! My parents & I live in the same neighborhood and at various times have each fed the revolving door of homeless cats we seem to have. Babycakes was the name we gave one of the cats my parents fed. She was rather small & seem to have some “issues” – she wouldn’t let anyone pet her or even get close. She lived in the woods and would make the short trip across the street to my parents patio to eat a few times a day. My mother wanted “Kitty Cam” – a camera we could (in theory) attach to Babycakes that would let us see what she was doing while she was in the woods, or wherever she went. Once we thought about it we realized that maybe we didn’t really want to know what she was up to, that maybe “ignorance is bliss”.

I always enjoy your column & have enjoyed your book.


I got a real chuckle out of your story about Mama Cat because we have a huge black cat who has been coming to our house for "snacks" for years. He even
now answers to "Blackie" although I have no idea what his name really is. He lives across the creek through the woods somewhere but we've never learned
who his family is or what they call him. My granddaughters love feeding Blackie but after all these years he is stll a little leery of us so we let him wind about our feet, feed him outside and let him go his way. Sometimes his folks go off for a long weekend and he is here several times a day for chow. I often have wondered about his folks thinking how fat he is even though they give him diet food!


I love your emails! You are sooooooooooo funny. I am laughing out loud at work. I am sure my coworkers think I am going nuts in here. I just never know what to expect when I open your emails and I am always pleasantly surprised. I can always count on you to give me a really good laugh, teach me something, or touch my heart. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us, Suzanne.

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