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March 29, 2011



Working on health, exercise to keep the body moving, eating better, and right now meds for a sore throat...at the stage when maintenance takes more effort, but worth it!


This isn't a hint, but rather just a "fun" item that girlfriends and I have talked about.

Imagine you're having an old-fashioned slumber party. What 5 women would you invite? They have to be a 'celebrity' of some sort (entertainer, author, politician, etc.), they must be alive (e.g., no Eleanor Roosevelts), and they must be women you have never met and will probably never meet in your lifetime. You also need to explain why you selected each.

My personal list has changed over time, but is currently:

1. Ellen DeGeneres -- loves music and dancing
2. Leah Rimini -- in-your-face honesty
3. Sharon Osborne -- pee-your-pants funny
4. Diane Sawyer -- willing to try just about anything
5. Whoopi Goldberg -- funny in her own right, but would keep the rest of us in line

Who would be on your list?


I love to read, and doing crafts of most kind and I walk for exercise and squeeze in my homework since I am trying to finish a college degree, my girls tell me I will be 70 before I finish, but at least I will have my degree. I drive 45 minutes one way to work so I started listening to books on tape, sometimes it is nice to have someone else read to you, it reminds me of how my mom and big brother read to me when I was small. I think when they did that I got the love of reading too. But my most special time is on a nice raining day with a good book and a cup of coffee just reading away the afternoon. Good reading and enjoying friends.


I wonder how long a kittie can live without eating or drinking? Our poor old cat, Eartha, has gone down so quickly.....she hasn't eaten in forever, and has lost all her weight to where she's now just skin and bones. She won't even eat yogurt, which she LOVED before. Is this too downer for our virtual bookclub, Suzanne? It's all I have on my mind lately.


I am retiring this week and during lunch yesterday we discussed sharing the television with your spouse. It was fun discussing the different remedies each couple has used to make each other happy. My solution might be to just hide the tv control and see who is the most motivated to get up and change the channel.

It is fun to share and you always have something special each day to read and share.

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