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March 28, 2011



Loved the photos. Reminded me of when my third grade class made edible mud with worms. I had some plants in my classroom and one of the children spotted a worm. Can't remember exact title, there's a children's book about eating worms. So we made edible mud with worms: make instant chocolate pudding, add broken oreo cookies, (or any with chocolate cookie) and gummy worms. Voila! Edible mud with worms. Great fun.

P.S. How about THUNDER CAKE by Patricia Pallaco? Seems you are integrating children's lit with cooking. Fun, fun, fun! Keep the photos rolling.


YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the pictures, the children and yourself look mighty happy and like you are having tons of fun. I'm one of your biggest fans!


Your pictures remind me of the times I had with my five grandchildren. Sometimes they were all five here but most of the time they came in pairs or alone. We always had Camp Grandma (nevermind that Grandpa was always around and participating!) There were crafts, trips to nearby places of interest, visits to the local zoo, and cooking. And when they went home, Grandma always sent a photo journal of their time at Camp Grandma. From the beginning, our one grandson wanted to cook. His favorite was Dirt Pudding which was easy for small hands to make: Oreo cookies, Jello pudding, and gummy worms. They all wanted to make that as they came along. Then cookies, muffins, and cakes. Now that they range in age from 14 to 20, we don't have Camp Grandma, but we have visits, lovely, wonderful visits where we catch up on their activities and sometimes we craft and bake. Your grandchildren and their classmates will long remember their cooking lessons and the times they spent with you.


The photos are wonderful! What fun you all had and I am sure the children went home to rave about their cooking class.



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