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March 23, 2011



I love your flowers. I especially like the little extras like the pig and tea cups! Your porch is beautiful, befitting of a beautiful lady. Thank you for who you are, what you share, and what you do. You are an inspiration.


I just wanted to say Thanks! Your garden pictures were a sight for sore eyes, and trust me - these eyes are sore from seeing winter weather! My daffodils and tulips are peeking inches above ground, but received a brief covering of snow on the first day of spring. We're due for some more tomorrow night as well - oh, the joys of New York! Ah well, the warm weather will come and my gardens will soon flourish. It was a pleasure to get a sneak peek from your gardens.


I am currently reading your book "Muffins and Mayhem" but then of course, you know the title! I don't always read your columns but I did today. I
like your idea of a garden party and hope you get a lot of takers. I like gardens too so I had to have a look at your flowers. What's with the china in the garden? Perhaps I'm too nosy for words but I'm also curious.

I especially like the sound of your crock pot stuffing as that is my very favorite part of the turkey dinner. Now there are just three of us, we
don't buy turkeys that will hold nearly enough. There are other recipes I want to try too. They appear to meet my two essential criteria, simple and good.

Thanks for writing the book. I'm enjoying it very much so far. I thought it would be a nice break from "The Arsenic Century" by James C Whorton. A fascinating book and one that makes me wonder what someone will be writing in 150 years time about the dangerous things we do unwittingly today!


OH...I like the sounds of the first one..."teamwork"
I would have NEVER heard of this if it had not been for your sending it out like this...THANK YOU!


What pretty flowers! Here in the Mid Atlantic, our spring flowers are just starting to bloom. Love the little pig, I have two in my garden. Will send photo of them when I send photo of me with book I won, the "Green Eggs and Ham" one. Had turkey for dinner last night but it was from Bob Evans! Still tasted great. Love reading with you every day.

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