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February 22, 2011



Your grandson, at 4, is wiser than so many of us "adults". Another possibility, if not in this case in perhaps another, is they just did not hear. As I get older I find I'm missing more & more of what goes on around me. Saying that, I always try to greet or reply with a smile & "hello" – especially to children. Thanks for your daily "blog". It's always uplifting.


I'm retired now but when I was working I worked in a very big business building - and when walking the halls you naturally pass people - well I always said Hello to everyone I passed even if it was the second or third time that I saw them for the day. But you don't know how many people would stare right through you and not mutter a word - what's up with that? Well I never let it ruin my day... I would just say to myself "Oh Well" they must be having a bad day... but was really thinking to myself deep down inside "HOW RUDE" and why couldn't they just utter a simple little Hello back!


Your email was right on time this morning. I speak to everyone no matter who they are. From the cleaning people right on up to the execs. But some folks walk right by you like you aren’t there. It hurts my feelings sometimes when I speak to them and they look right at me and ignore me. Sometimes it spoils my good mood in the morning. But your story about Paul is such an encouragement to me. I will do like Paul from now on and not let them spoil my mood anymore. I will say hello even when they don't and have a good day anyway. Thanks Paul! What a sweetie!


I don't know how anyone cannot say Hello to a little boy saying hello...(maybe they are hard of hearing) but i Love Paul's approach...God Bless him! When my daughter was about 4 years old we used to visit a friend in upstate Pennsylvania in a small town and we would take walks and everyone would say hello....in the begining she asked mom do you know that lady/man and i would say no....I am a very outgoing friendly person so i guess she learned to say hello ...how are you ...ect . from me but even she noticed a difference in the people's responses to her from our home and in this new small town....I try to say hi to someone new everyday and how are you....because you never know YOU might be the only person to say a kind hello to them that day and it might just make them smile inside and out!


I imagine you could fill a book titled "Life Lessons From Paul". Thank you for sharing your stories of your grandchildren.

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