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February 18, 2011



What memories you brought with that. As soon as I read about hearing his voice and the story I remembered listening to it as well. I always watched the show as a child.


I am retired from our local library, where I was the Children's Dept. and one of my favorite filmstrips to show was "Caps for Sale". The kids liked it also. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Captain Kangaroo for you too?? My mother didn't read to me when I was a child so my only exposure was those great books was on that show. I bought every one of them for my kids.

My favorite memory of Caps for Sale was reading to my 4 year old daughter (who is now studying for a Masters in Library Science) while her baby brother sat in an infant seat. Not only did I read with great enthusiam, I pantomined throwing a cap on the ground and shaking my fists. That was the first time I heard my son laugh a belly laugh - so of course that positive reinforcement kept me repeating the words and gesturing all the more. Sure do wish I have a picture of him that day.

He's now in college studying philosophy - wants to teach it at the college level one day. I'm so very glad I read to my kids.

Have a great day!


Thanks for bringing back such a memory. I loved Caps for Sale and Captain Kangaroo! And you are right about reading children's books out loud. My husband and I often guest read in our twin granddaughters classrooms and we
love it!!


You always stir up memories! When I was in 1st grade my cousin - who was about a year old then - lived across the street. Every morning before school I would have breakfast with him and we would watch Captain Kangaroo together. I wonder when there will no longer be anyone who remembers the Captain - he filled so many of my mornings with stories and do something that would make my cousin laugh. Thanks for the memory nudge!

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