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February 07, 2011



Thanks for your inspiring words this morning Suzanne. I haven't been reading the book club selections that come to my inbox every morning because I've been so busy. (I went back to teaching this year after having been a stay at home mom for the past five years.) It's so interesting to me that today I decided to open your email. And you sounded just like an old friend! I will strive to look for the lessons all around me today!


What a fabulous approach to life. I am in total agreement with you. Books and formal education certainly have their place in the process of learning but I believe, as you do, that people have so much to share with others. It could be the simple lessons of how to improve your garden or cook a great roast, or it could be bigger life lessons like how to deal with a difficult boss or an unruly child. And as for the gnarly people, well, I most often find them to provide a great lesson in patience or compassion or even in just how not to be or to act :)

Thanks for your wonderful insights. I don't think it is a bunch of hooey at all and it is reassuring to realize that others out there see the world and the people in it as one big learning opportunity open to anyone who is open and ready to receive the lessons.

It is so good to read (and to learn) with (and from) friends.


I read your book a few months ago and loved it....oh the memories you brought back of my childhood years...(I'm a boomer from 1947). I have to compliment you on the recipes, the Waikiki chicken and Dolly Madison muffins are 5+ star recipes, and did I mention the Pumpkin bread....oh Lordy, to die for! I'm prayin' you have another book in the works with lots more recipes, because you're magic in the kitchen.


I appreciated your words of wisdom this morning. Every day of life is an opportunity to learn something new. From the bus driver to my neighbor to the dog next door or my favorite on-line bookclub hostess, I learned a long time ago that it's the little things in life that truly make a difference. Big events may come and go, but some of the things I remember the most are the little tidbits of wisdom or a kind deed from someone in my life.


That's such a good idea, there's always something to learn and someone to teach you. When you keep your heart and mind open, you will be touched by just the right person at just the right time. Sometimes, I make myself read a book or part of it on a subject that I know nothing about.
Grocery stores and coffee shops are great places to listen in on
conversations and also to meet and talk to people.

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