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January 26, 2011



I enjoyed hearing about the young man and his dog! My sister adopted her cat, Belle, from the Humane Society shelter here about 6 years ago.


What a wonderful story about the 12 yr old boy. I have a therapy dog, Gary, that visits schools to help in their reading programs as well as visit retirement homes. Love reading your columns.


It's always a delight to me to read your daily emails. I love this story. I always try to stop when I see a kid and a lemonade stand because I, like you, want to try to stop them from being disappointed and disillusioned.
Thanks for always making my day!


Your story reminds me of my own son. He is 5 and when he started receiving an allowance we discussed that some of each week's money would be his to spend as he wanted, some would be to save and some would be to "give." So after a few months of him putting money back I started talking to him about the different things he could do with his "give" money - the library, food for the homeless, the SPCA, etc. He decided on the SPCA. So we went shopping with his money and I kicked in the rest and we took quite a nice supply of toys, food, treats, etc. to our local SPCA. He was so proud of himself that he began his own little quest to raise money for the dogs and cats that didn't have a home. If he found a coin somewhere - it went to the "give" envelope. He also began to come up with ways to raise money, that to a five year old seems like a good idea, but didn't really go over too well. So we came up with a plan to make cookies and sell them - I tested this out at my work and was overwhelmed with orders! I only did it during November because I was just to busy to do it in December. We raised $85 and gave it to the SPCA right after Christmas. Now that the holidays are over we might try it again or maybe make dog treats this time around. I'm also going to suggest a cupcake sale in the spring.... He's into it and I'm so proud of him.


I just HAD to tell you how heartwarming this column was today. It made me almost cry to think of that young boy sitting out there on a cold day trying to raise money for the SPCA. Both my dogs are from our local SPCA and we donate there all the time, BUT to think of that young man doing what he did. How very sweet. And to have the jar of biscuits for Samuel - well,.... that just "took the biscuit"!!!! How adorable. Thank you for sharing, Suzanne. You're the very best!!!!!!!!!

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