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January 24, 2011



It seems to me that too many people work very hard to make sure that others cannot enjoy their lives. They have to try to stop people from participating in whatever religion, habits, food, etc. that they choose. Enjoy your bubbles and to heck with the fuddy duddies!


I was so relieved to hear you say you were going to continue bubbling! Don't ever stop, even if you end up doing it from your back yard! It was divine intervention that your husband answered the door. Living, as I do, with no close neighbors or passers-by, I have relied on you to do my bubbling for me. Long live your bubble machine and your incredible love of your fellow man/woman! I love reading with you!


There is always one, but don't go down without a fight! Let the good bubble times roll, just a little further from the road. I'll be glad to help with the bail.


I love bubbles, too! I'm sure many of your regular readers do also. I may be going out on a limb, but you would have lots of friends willing to bail you out, so don't you worry about the bubble maching party pooper.


You sound like a wonderful neighbor. You and your bubble machine can move into my neighborhood anytime!

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