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March 24, 2010


shirley phillips

how about a book about cute grand kid stories and also include your animal stories. put in a few pictures aand ---voila1 another brest seller. happy reader as always,shirley

Christine Harris

March 25 column - 'Emotionally Rainy Day' therapy - Oh, yes, Suzanne, there is nothing like pictures of grandchildren to blow away the emotional rain! I so enjoyed looking at your beautiful little grandsons' pictures too. I have one grandchild - Caleb, age 7. He is the joy of my life, needless to say, in every way. I have my screensaver on my computer set to run a continuous file called "Caleb Miscellaneous". It contains photos of him from infancy all the way up to now, pensive, silly, laughing, playing, riding horses with his dad, hugging his mommy, hugging ME, on and on and on. It never fails to make me feel happy and at peace to watch them roll. Of course, productivity comes to a screeching halt, but somehow that's okay! Love your daily doses of life! Chris Harris, Little Rock, Arkansas

Penny Weldon


Your Emotionally Rainy Day therapy is just what the Doctor ordered. My husband, Jim has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and it's serious. Also, his job is no more. The good news, is that no lymph nodes show any cancer. Surgery is slated soon We have two fabulous daughter's, two great son's in law & 3 wonderful grandchildren with another grandchild on the way. Hallelujah! I too have my grandchildren posted on my office screen saver as well as my home computer too! It always brings me a smile when I gaze on their pictures! Also, a loving & supportive church too! When you see all that we have, we are truly blessed! We will continue to pray for you & your family as well as other families that are having a hard time. I'm glad we took your prescribed therapy today! Good to know that there are no limits on the refills

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