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January 25, 2010


Tami Papajcik

Dear Suzanne,
I was very surprised to read that you stayed angry at the person for writing in the book. If they were writing in a fictional book, yes, I would be angry. But this poor soul was making notes and trying to figure out how to heal in very difficult and uncertain times. I would have thought you column would have ended with forgiveness.

Suzanne Beecher

Oh no, I didn't stay angry about the book. I rarely stay angry about anything. I was just writing about my initial reaction to seeing the writing and lines in the book. I guess at first I kind of felt like I was defending the book, looking out for it. Okay, so now I really have went off the deep end. I'm constantly entertained by my thoughts. But no, I'm not angry. Thanks for writing and for reading with me. Suzanne


Hey Suzanne, must admit my reaction was much the same as yours - don't know that I would have thought to erase all the "defacement" - but good for you - GO SUZANNE -
- Doris -


Suzanne, I'm with you - any time I open a library book to see someone's markings I get extremely angry! Almost all the books I check out are non-fiction and if someone needs to make notations while studying, then buy some post-it notes. If they wish to write in the book, then buy it!


It does happen - people deface books that don't belong to them but there is really nothing you can do about it (other than erase). The relationship between library and patron is much the same as doctor/lawyer and their patient/client. Privacy! A parent cannot go into a library and ask to see little Johnny's borrowing history. A big cuffuffle took place when the authorities (FBI, CIA) wanted to view the borrowing history of certain patrons during the terrorism hunts.
Dolores - (unemployed librarian)

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