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December 18, 2009


BEW Barbara E. Walters

Hi Suzanne:

Congratulations on a lasting, loving and enduring marriage. My hubby and I have been married 47 years. There have been good times and bad, sometimes tragic, times but the one sustaining thing has been our love. If asked what makes a good sustaining marriage I might say feeling cherished as well as supported by your husband/wife. Of course in reality there is so much more – having each other’s support through thick and thin, being able to overlook each others imperfections, a lasting passion for each other – yes, even at our age, and don’t forget the comment I heard tonight from the love of my life, “you looked hot” even though at this age I believe he sees me mostly through eyes filled with love. But then, seeing someone though eyes filtered with love sustains many things including a marriage. Suzanne, you are a gem able to reach so many people with your down to earth writing, just another blessing – being able to appreciate many things that might have been overlooked when younger. Thank you, it’s been and will be a pleasure reading with you!

joejoen setiawinarni

Congratulation Suzanne... I'm your new fan.. and I'm glad that I found your blog..
Looking forward to read with you everyday from now on.

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