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August 31, 2009


Chellie Campbell

Oh, I surely can relate to the "writers block" days! I even wrote a page about it in my book "The Wealthy Spirit":

117 Distractions

“Writing is like anything else. You fall, you pick yourself up, and you try again. When you’re discouraged, you eat ice cream.”—Anna Quindlen

It’s time to write now. I’m going to write. I stare at the blank page. Blank page. White. Snow. Weather. I wonder what the weather’s doing today. Cold. My hands are cold. Think I’ll go downstairs and get a cup of coffee to warm up my hands.

Trudge, trudge down the rust carpeted steps, click, click, click my shoes tap on the kitchen tiles. Make coffee. Look around kitchen. Notice dishes and dirt—no fun, ignore. Notice newspaper—ahhh, maybe something interesting to write about in the newspaper. A good activity, research. Valuable. I’ll do that.

Thirty minutes later: Feeling too guilty to continue reading paper. I should be writing! Back to the stairs, click, click, back up the stairs trudge, trudge. Blank page.
The phone rings! Saved by the bell! Hello? No, thanks, I don’t want to change my long distance carrier. Disappointment. Phone in hand, I want to talk to somebody. Who’d be fun to talk to? I know, I’ll call my friend, Carol. Nope, she’s not home, how about Susan? Hey, Susan, how’s doin’?

Forty-five minutes later: Lunch time! Trudge, trudge, click, click. Look over refrigerator selections, put together fine luncheon for one, turn on the television, surf and munch.
One hour twenty minutes later: Click, click, trudge, trudge. Blank page.

I’ll never make any money this way! I’ve got to get busy and write so I can make money and pay my bills…I wonder how my bank balance is doing. Do I have enough to pay the bills this month? Oops, I haven’t reconciled my bank statement yet, better do that. Better update my budget, too, while I’m at it…Where is that bank statement? Somewhere under this pile of paperwork. I should do this paperwork. I’ve got to get organized, then I can write….

Two hours later: Blank page. Oh, it’s almost time for Oprah!
One hour later: Where did the day go? Well, I got some bookkeeping done, made some phone calls, did some research, got organized.
Tomorrow I’ll be ready to write.

Does this sound familiar? Does it accurately depict some of your afternoons—or days? Sure, once in a while, we’re going to have an off day, a day where no inspiration comes, where nothing works. One of two things is usually going on: You’re avoiding something, or you’re creating on the subconscious level instead of the conscious. If you’re avoiding something—look at it now and handle it. If your creativity is cooking subconsciously and needs more time before you take it out of the oven, give yourself a break. Inspiration will probably wake you up later. Be ready for it when it comes.

Today’s Affirmation: “I am inspired by my creative vision every day!”

Love & hugs,

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Also I have problem when I write but there are people like Isaac Asimov that he just sit and he starts to write and he doesn't stop to write. It is great skill that he had.

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