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August 18, 2009



Hello ~
I'm new to your post but I work for Apple & prior to working here I was a PC only user. While I do now love the mac I can recommend "never replacing" your two button mouse ... I must have mine to function for work and travel. The new trackpad on the macbook, no buttons I can not use at all & anytime I touch it I lose all or damage something. Keep your mouse and all should go well.


Whatever you do, don't NEVER EVER go near anything with the Vista program. It's evil!



I'm a new member of the email book club, science fiction part: especially love those classic sf authors.

Congratulations on switching to a Mac!

I wanted to let you know that there are online resources to help you through the changeover--apple has one, at http://www.apple.com/support/switch101/
there's another that looks good at

[I just googled "switching to a mac" and found quite a few]

I never really "switched"---I couldn't stand the command line interface, yes that was a long time ago, and was put off computers entirely until I discovered what I could do with a Mac, even back in 1988: make posters for a lecture series, keep a mailing list, and so on, all in what seemed a much more natural way.

My latest Mac was a MacBook Pro last year; I thought I'd dislike the trackpad, as did another person posting here, but very soon I grew to love it. So, you never know; keep your mouse, but give that trackpad a good try. Moving the cursor, or a webpage, with just the movement of a finger so close to the keys is really a winner for me.

Enjoy your Mac, that's part of it (and why we mac users tend to be such enthusiasts!)

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