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May 28, 2009



H appy Belated Birthday (55? I was sure you were odler than me). lol. I got you by 5 years! susana


I wanted to add, the Cookies were Great and we still have a few left.Had a couples day bad, the day after recieveing them my dog was put to sleep, becasue she was so sick. They told me she not only had Cushings disease but also cancer, diabetes and pancreasitis, and that it would be inhumane to try and save her. She was vomiting up so bad they sedated her and then euthanized her 4 hours later. I got so sick and traumatized by it all, the same night was rushed to the Emergency room. I got so dehydrated and convulsive I had to be rehydrated bya drip for two hours. I never knew I would be so affected by the loss of a pet. Nikkilou rest in peace. Those cookies came in handy to soothe a frustrated soul and my grief. Knowing I had friends that cared also helped. Feeling better today but miss her, for she was like a shadown always at my heels. The pictures I sent were our last. I am glad I thought to take my camera with me. She died 3;15 June 12, 2009.

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