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April 21, 2009


Peggy Haukap

Dear Suzanne,

Goldie is a beautiful cat, and I'm so happy to know you're taking such good care of him. You see, my big, orange, male tabby, Jammie, disappeared from our yard (he's a country cat) about a month ago, and I miss him terribly. Your story gives me hope that someone might also take care of him, if he never manages to find his way home. Thank you for your kindness to animals AND for your book club!

Peggy Haukap

Jan White


I'm touched by your concern over Goldie. It's so good to know that there are people who go the extra mile for abandoned animals. A couple years ago my cat, Bailey, who has always been an indoor cat got out and was gone for 10 days. It was cold and rainy & I worried myself sick about him. I wandered the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen him to no avail. Then one evening I heard a horrid meowing and there he was at my front door. I was so excited! He looked as clean and cared for as always so apparently someone took care of him and I am eternally grateful to that person.

I hope Goldie understands your help and thanks you by allowing you the opportunity to touch him.

Jan White

anthony shy

This is such a wonderful thing that you and Goldie are sharing. It really shows us that animals aren't as far away from us as some people think. Cats and dogs both are a gift from this world and they really give as much as we give them... keep enjoying eachother...its very healthy....

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