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February 09, 2009


Sandy Backlund

Hot water bottles ROCK!!! A couple of years ago, I went on a trekking trip to Nepal. I was so scared that I could be cold in the high altitude at night that I used up some of precious space in my duffel bag to take along my rose-colored hot water bottle. Each night our porters poured us tea as we sat around the yak-dung burning stoves and if there was any leftover boiled water, I asked them to pour it out into my hot water bottle.

It was very cold during the long nights with no heat; even our water bottles had ice in them in the mornings! It was so calming and precious to have that bottle next to my heart as I waited for my sleeping bag to warm up!

Soon, everyone in our group knew about "PINKIE", and I shared her for outdoor shampoo and rinses, or when someone got sick, I would send in PINKIE to provide a little TLC.

One evening, at about 17,000 feet in elevation, gathered around the stove in our hut, a British gentleman saw me preparing PINKIE for bed. He looked so envious as he said, "What on earth gave you the foresight to bring that water bottle along?"

At Everest Base Camp, in a kitten's bed, or in a baby's crib, hot water bottles rock!

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