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December 22, 2008



Amen, Suzanne. While I still may catch myself frowning at an affront by a stranger, friend or family I keep myself aware of my ignorance of their 'problems'. And it needn't even be "their" problems because I,too,am edgy in light of all that's going on in the world that makes me anxious and impatient even with myself without knowing it or why... on top of those very legitimate reasons you listed (ALL of the above)that I have of my own!!
Newton's 3rd law: "For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction" helps me keep a grip on my actions & reactions. And while I often chuckle, thinking that my "ungracious" act must be causing a gracious act somewhere:)) I try to make sure that I am the equal and opposite of an ungracious act. And always I am grateful for the reminder of those who respond graciously to my ill-placed impatience and anxiety toward them. There are times it simply feels good and relieves tension to growl at some poor undeserving soul who we may never see again. But it also feels good to give slack as the recipient of an undeserved growl. While I don't feel like Ho-Ho-Ho-ing I do try to be conscious of projecting a pleasant expression in the presence of others. And like you, feel the tears running down my cheeks when I'm alone.. and then I pray for 'everyone'. Thanks for sharing...Nina


It's Nina again. I just read your Anniversary column and posted the 3rd Comment. Hope it inspires others to share their 'spouse-spoilers' that you might revisit in a DR column as Recipes for Home Remedies. Great stuff. Thanks,

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