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December 18, 2008



Your husband's actions speak more about him and his feelings for you than any material purchase ever could. Congratulations on 31 happy years and may you experience many more!

Chellie Campbell

Wow, Suzanne, what a woman you are to deserve a wonderful man like your husband! Of course he must be pretty good to deserve you, too. A match made in heaven! Congratulations to both of you on a fabulous partnership - may you have another 31 years to love and enjoy.

Blessings and love,


I'd've thought this'd bring a slew of comments. Congrats Suzanne&hubby.. and many more.
I love the "bottom of the ice cream cone" surprise. We indulge with a spoonful or two right out of the Starbucks carton... their Java Chip is scrumptious. I make a mini-martini and spoon it into the indentations I leave in the ice cream with my tiny spoon. Sometimes I cover the bubbles over for a surprise...sometimes I leave the little bubbles exposed so he can spoon it straight-up, if inclined:))
"He" should sneak in and write a Dear Reader column 'for' you occasionally. I,for one, would love to read a 'His' of Her Dear Reader:)) Thoughtfulness is always an inspiring topic. Nina

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