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July 15, 2008


Michelle Archer

After reading about your Mom's styrofoam container collection and the comments from your readers that followed, I just had to weigh in with my own story. Your Mother's styrofoam gave me a laugh and a trip down memory lane as well. Unlike your other readers the memory was not of a parent but of my newlywed days. My husband you see was raised by a Mom who saved everything and he brought to our marriage a large box of plastic butter bowls with matching lids that he had saved throughout his batchelorhood. The first week of our married life I was organizing our kitchen when I discovered his stash. Since we had received a nice set of plastic bowls as a wedding gift, I threw them out. They were rescued from the trash by my very new husband who then had to "take a walk". It was our first fight. We have laughed about it many times since but I kept the butter bowls till well after our 4th anniversary - in the same box in the junk room of course. When the junk room became a nursery my husband approved putting them in a garage sale. Guess what - they sold!

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