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April 22, 2008



Suzanne, I can't imagine YOU thinking like that. I can tell by the words you write and the pictures you post that you have much joy in your heart. I'm glad the negatives don't happen to you often. THAT would be sad. I'm happy that Rudy returned to you and that your book sold. You have many blessings to celebrate!

It's a pleasure to read with you!


If you think negative, then life shall turn negative.

(While there has to be bad to balance the good, don't always think that way. It won't help.)

...At least Rudy is back, and the book is sold. THEREFORE, YOU CAN BE HAPPY AND CELEBRATE.



I unfortunately think that way all too often. I come from a family of depressed and anxiety ridden people. I think that it's very difficult to overcome negative thoughts, especially when bad things are happening to you. When things are out of your control, you tend to think that you must have done something to deserve them.

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