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March 18, 2008


Kat Finnegan

Loved today's column about the cookies. I have the same problem this time of year with Easter Lambs. A thousand years ago, my mother inherited a cast iron easter lamb mold from a family member. She subsequently bought another heavy steel mold and baked at least 6 lambs every year for family. These were good molds with a real lamb face, not like the flat-faced cheap aluminum you get today. They were pound cakes with a buttercream frosting covered in coconut. Somehow, about 10 years ago I inherited this tradition, purchased another good heavy duty lamb mold from Martha Stewart along with an Easter egg and Bunny mold. Everybody loves these cakes and I now have a list of about 20 people that want one each year.

As for cookies - next time you are asked for a donation from an organization doing a fundraiser, offer to bake 3 dozen cookies each month and ship them. I do this for my Rotary Club auction. Mom's will bid/buy to ship to kids away at college, or a spouse/friend at work. I send their choice to whomever they designate. The receiver loves them.

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