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February 19, 2008



Dear Suzanne,
You reminded me of some of the best days I had with my children when they were young. Many years ago my church provided lunch on Sunday afternoon in the square of our city. Unless the weather wasn't bad, we served it on the curb not too far from a hospital. It was calkled "feed the homeless" but we often got people who were visiting friends or relatives at the hospital or people who were just lonely and needed the contact of other humans. Whatever the reason, they were welcomed. Over the years that we were involved, many people would remark, "How do you know they need this food?" My answer was always - I don't and it's not always about the food. Whatever the reason, whatever the need, that's okay by me. My children and i learned alot about people from this experience - and not all of them came to our tables!
Thanks for sharing.

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