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January 29, 2008


Ann Avid Reader

It is very interesting what you say about self imposed stress. Despite the fact that I think the average person in America is very hard on themselves, I also think it is society that creates these harried individuals. Have you noticed that when people ask how you are or what you are doing it is acceptable and expected for the reply to be "I'm so busy." There is no valid excuse to bow out of an invitation other than you are "so busy". It's never ok to say you just don't feel like it. I have a 98 year old grandmother who literally sits and watches her plants grow all day; but when asked how she is, she always replies that she is so busy. My girlfriend had relatives visit from rural South America. She was all excited to show them her new pool and recently decorated den which includes a humongous television. After they had left I asked her how the visit went. She surprised me by saying the relatives thought we Americans are totally crazy. We spend our entire day commuting and working so that we can come home exhausted with enough energy to eat dinner before falling into bed at night, then getting up and doing it all over again day after day. They all quit work at three in the afternoon. Then the neighbors gather in their yards and chat and drink coffee. They all go inside, literally when the cows come home from grazing all day. They may not have fancy cars and electronics, but they don't have ulcers or strokes either. They know the names of all their neighbors and don't need day care providers.
I think we need to give ourselves permission to not be so busy, to listen for and nurture our creative sides and to find contentment in not necessarily the simple things, but the things that call out to our souls. Art does that for me like sailing does for my husband. Lose the guilt and sacrifice a new gaming system for quality time with your friends, family or how about just yourself. Knowing that you have that to look forward to makes all the other stressful stuff, seem not so bad.


You're a woman driven; Suzanne, and that's a good thing. How else will things get done? Busy is a four letter word, not a bad habit. All your readers thrive from your words, your recipes, your suggestions and mostly, your entire website. A companion for us in words and thoughts. You're a perfectionist which equates with busy. We wouldn't love you half as much if you were a snail and never got back to your readers. Thank you for who you are, busy being companion and friend. to your readers and listeners.

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