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July 27, 2007



Of course it's too late to help you with your Liver Dinner Date - which I do hope you enjoyed, but reading this column brought back memories of my own forced-liver-eating experiences, and I wanted to pass along my solution- SOY SAUCE! It's the only think I ever found that successfully obliterated that livery flavor!

Karen Zabuska

I have been on vacation, so I just read the liver insident tonight. Oh my gosh, you lived in the same house I did, except I had to eat liver once a week since it was good for me. I had those same onions cooked in the same liver oil, the liver dipped in flour and the same bottle of ketchup. I also had to sit there until finished and let me tell you I gagged many a time. I would be there for hours and have a trusty glass of water. I know my Grandmother loved me, but I hated the liver. Funny, my Mom never ate it only Grandma and me. Thanks for bringing up those memories.

Karen Zabuska


I hope you had a good liver dinner date! If you fell in with liver lovers, trust me, they probably discovered a place that knows how to cook the stuff. Which, I'm proud to say, I do as well.

The secret?

You don't fry it. You broil it. Like a fine steak.

No onions.

No trimmings.

And definitely not for too long!

Most people apparently don't know not to fry liver with onions--that's so much a "standard" that people think it's the only way to serve the stuff. But in fact, as you discovered, that's one of the best ways to make it tough, dry, strong, and pretty much unpalatable.

However, if you broil it, just until it's done (and that will be a way shorter time than you might think)? It comes out tender, moist, and with a mild, almost sweet flavor that could well get addictive.

No soy sauce or ketchup needed, either!

Now that my husband is basically off organ meats (too high in cholesterol), I don't have it as much anymore. But just thinking about a great liver dinner makes me think that it wouldn't be a bad idea to put it on the grocery list for next week...


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