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July 18, 2007



This reminds me of a persuader I encountered on a recent shopping trip . He asked for a minute of my time and proceeded to buff my fingernail to the textue of a finely polished stone. During his persuasion he wanted to know which scented lotion I liked best. When he lifted the bottle to my nose all I could smell was cigerette smoke. The lecture began, "You really should quit smoking," I said. "You need to live a long life." His eagerness to talk to me suddenly ended. "Have a good evening" he said, looking for another smoke. A few days later I needed to make a return to the same mall. There was my friend looking for someone to persuade. But it was ME ready to do some persuading of my own. "Remember me?" I said. "I sure do." said the man. "How are you doing with that smoking habit?" "not too good" "Well I'll make you a deal. You quit smoking I'll buy your product." I never saw someone so ready to give up a sale in my life.

Nina Morzenti

HMMM I was puzzled by the Column so I waited for a Comment to shed some light. Now I'm puzzled by both!! What am I missing? Nina

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