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June 20, 2007



Thanks for the first belly laugh of the day!

Your oven repairman must be related to my tv repairman back in the early 70s whose "tool kit" consisted of a screwdriver in his back pocket. Using the handle only, he listlessly tapped the channel selector a couple of times and then announced the tv would have to go into the shop. It was one of those monstrously huge and heavy early "portables" that needed a dolly to be moved, but the skinny little repairman didn't have one of those, either.

Knees buckling comically with every step, he started for the truck, fell flat on his back in the wet grass and dropped the set. I watched my tv bounce end-over-end down the hill, skip lightly over the sidewalk and, with the sickening tinkle of broken glass, come to rest face down in the street. Pale, shaken and still splayed out on my front lawn, the repairman looked back at me ruefully and said, "I need a band-aid and I think I'm going to be sick, can I come in for a minute?"

It took three months of heated wrangling and the intervention of the states attorney general to get a new tv from the company and here's what I've learned: When an appliance store advertises itself as "the cheapest place in town", take it as a warning.


Ya know, whatever happened to customer service in this country? Once upon a time, businesses actually WANTED to satisfy their customers because they knew they'd go belly up if they ran all their customers off. Today, it's a joke, first of all, to get a product that actually works properly. And when you demand the product be fixed or your money refunded, most places basically laugh in your face, thinking "Sucker! You bought it." I get very irritated when I think about this. I am a librarian, and I go out of my way every single day to try and please our patrons. I understand how frustrating it is to not get what you need or want. I try my best for each person, rude or no, and if my best isn't good enough, my patrons usually still leave thanking me for trying so hard.

I hope your oven is truly "fixed" and that it continues to work properly for many many years to come. My oven is literally considered an antique (a Chambers In-A-Wall oven), and it's still going strong. In order to monitor the temperature, I've simply hung an oven thermometer on the bottom rack. It stays there, and it keeps me cooking at the right temp. I feel this is acceptable due to the age of the oven; however, you should definitely receive a replacement oven should yours continue to falter.

Chellie Campbell

Oh, my gosh! The rudeness of that repairman!! Un-be-liev-able! I am amazed how nice you are that you only thought of letting the air out of his tires...I confess my mind immediately went to beating him senseless with a wrench from my tool kit. Do send a copy of your letter to the company though, won't you? They should know what customer service their clients aren't getting!

Wishing you perfect oven temperatures for all your lovely cooking here on out!


Steph  Buhring

Regarding your oven temp. Suzanne.
I can relate to that. I bought a new home with a bum oven same problem as yours only the temp keeps climbing.
I was informed this morning that i would not get a replacement since all ovens are off temp wise. I have had this problem since the home was purchased. 4/07. I am so upset. I pride myself on my baking so there goes my hobby. It has been repaired twice. (whirlpool corp will not replace nor builder.
Any suggestions, anyone?

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