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May 17, 2007



Interesting that there are no comments on crying..yet.
I remember my dear Aunt crying about some sensitive situation and her husband and daughter laughing at her...and then I'd feel my eyes sting because I knew Aunt Fran now felt doubly sad. I was only 10 or so but it taught me the grace of "... weep with those who weep". It's a rare person who joins me in a cry... and I don't know why.
As a Pan Am stewardess I often replenished the Kleenex pack of passengers and brought a freshly dampened towel to catch sobs on our long overseas flights. To lessen their feeling conspicuous I'd sit in an adjoining empty seat knowing that a good cry often makes ya' feel better, quicker.
It is strange how tears make some people uncomfortable.
This last New Year's Eve Discovery ran a program on the well-known therapy of laughter, Associations have formed to get together just to laugh. It needn't be funny to be therapeutic and get everyone into it. It's not the 'emotion' that's healthy but just the physical act: 100 laughs is equal to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise.
Perhaps there's a market for Sobsters to just get together and chop some onions! Tear Tracks in sad movies might improve the rating if people feel more legitimately involved with the characters.
It might just be a vit/mineral imbalance that raises or lowers our tolerance levels.
It's nice to know there are others who appreciate crying as a valuable expression...and I join Shulz's Lucy: Smile and the world Smiles with you, Cry and you break the Monotony:) NIna

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