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February 28, 2007




You are not alone at being a "let's fix that problem". My friends and family sometimes tell me "Don't fix my problem, just listen". One reason I'm a problem solver is I grew up w/a mom who always found what was wrong w/life. I guess I decided early in life to fix all that was wrong. But now after going through two children becoming adults and having to learn I can't fix everything for them, it has started to sink in. I still had to learn it w/my mom and my husband. They are all adults and if they would rather complain than try to fix their problems, its their choice. Bye the way like your plumber, I had a boss once who used to tell me TMI(too much information). Now when some one does ask me to help fix a problem, I jump in w/both feet. It was a hard lesson to learn. You and I are just part of a special group of people!

Vera Keenan

So that makes you a Mars - not Venus.

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