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October 20, 2006


carolyn teasley

dear suzanne,

i sure wish i could have one of those buttons to push some days too! it reminds me of the staples office supply commercial--"the easy button". we grow from these trying times in our lives, as least that is what my friends tell me! just think how boring life would be if everything was easy.

i enjoy your dear reader column emensly. thank you for sharing!

Larry Kilmer

Good morning, Suzanne:

Always enjoy your columns - and your book recommendations. Did not enjoy your story about your childish behavior at the street crossing. Crossing is one thing, but crossing back and waving at the cars was too much! Did you ever think about where those people in the cars you stopped needed to be, or what crisis might be upsetting their lives? Next time you do something like that, please don't tell us!


Suzanne-- I love your blog. I belong to the book clubs, but sometimes I only have time to read your blog. I love to hear about your escapades!! I know that some people may have seen your light crossing and recrossing as 'childish', I prefer to look at it from the point of view that, as it was a long red light the people in the cars would have had to wait anyway. Maybe they did have crises upsetting their lives, but maybe your 'childish' behavior brought a bit of comic relief to an otherwise out of control day! Maybe they took a minute to chuckle at your smile and wave. I know that it can make a big difference in an otherwise poor day! I feel bad that some people have no sense of humor. Laughing makes life worthwhile. Thanks for your wonderful stories and sharing your 'childish' behaviors with us. We need more people like you. J

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