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September 29, 2006


Kristen from Massachusetts

Suzanne, what a beautiful family of cats you are hosting! I hope they go to good homes - I would take some but I have 2 orphans already. Thanks for DearReader - can't wait for this weeks' pre-publication book "Rain Village" to come out.


I was clicking on links from Romancing the Blog and I loved your cat story. I don't get how people can move out and leave animals that way. I have 2 cats, one just marched into my kitchen one day and decided to stay, the other was a starving stray my son started feeding at work. By the time he brought this skinny cat home, he weighed 25 pounds! I inherited him when my son and his family moved to another state....he's family now and when my hubby and I moved to a different state, we took both of our cats. I would hope that your ex-neighbors will be reincarnated as cats. ;)

Christine in Los Angeles

Oh, Naive Suzanne ... you think you own cats? No, no, no ... they own you, and I'd say they bragged to their pals, who moved in with you. Y'know, that's how it starts ... just two cats, then three, then nine ... and putting up posters will just put your name/address out there, for all those homeless kitties looking for a soft bed and a bowl of kibble.
Be prepared for a lifetime of 'guests' ... your new babies are certainly cuties.
God bless (and good luck), Christine in Los Angeles

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