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September 28, 2006



your letter sounds very familar. though i feel everyone in my family, me included have been that pesky back seat driver. my mom has even got into the act! when i visit her in a town i lived in for 8 years before marriage and leaving home, she is constantly reminding me the safest way to arrive at our destination. this, even though i visit at least once a month for the last 6 years, is mom's way of being helpful. once and a while i do make a wrong turn! i look at it as a sign some one cares about us enough to help when we don't always want or need it. especially when i'm the culprit!


Oh, sister. I feel your pain. I have been married to my wonderful, handsome, sweet, thoughtful, romantic, tender, funny, loving, perfect (oops -- this is where it starts to break down) ALMOST perfect husband for 38 years. Why is he ALMOST perfect? Because here's what happens on the rare occasions that I am behind the wheel and he is in the passenger seat (like when we're on a long trip and he is falling asleep at the wheel and has no choice): He is instantly wide awake and alert, sitting up straight as an arrow, left arm along the seat gripping the back, right hand planted firmly on the dash as if to stop himself from hurtling through the windshield as we crash into a tree, eyes on the road and scanning the horizon in all directions, teeth clenched...you get the picture. Makes me feel like a teenager in Driver's Ed, though I've been successfully piloting a car for 40 years. If he opens his mouth - like you - I simply pull over, give him one of "those looks" and hand him the keys.

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