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August 14, 2006



When I was a kid, my dad used to cook cow's tongue about once a year. My mom would pack us up and take us to dinner to get us out of the house. It smelled even worse than it sounds! That advertising wouldn't get me in the door either!


The fact that Tongue and Swiss Steak were the two advertised specials at the restaurant you passed leads me to believe the place was ethnic. An awful lot of cultures the world over eat tongue. It's considered a delicacy.


growing up in the 40's-50's I remember well dining on tongue several times a year.......don't remember if my mother boiled it, probably so but it is really quite tasty even though it does sound nasty. I do recall liking this as much as corned beef........

Carolyn Disser

I LOVED the essay on "tongue." Growing up on the farm, we watched the adults butcher a beef, pickle and eat beef heart, tongue, sweetbreads, and all the "delicacies"--none of that business for us kids' sensitive tastebuds and imaginations. These experiences were "good food" for college speech classes and essays. My audience and profs were wondering what part of the "bush country" I was from.


I loved your comments on "Boiled Tongue". It was a delicacy for my Dad, but my brothers and I wouldn't try it. Mom boiled it with the same spices you would use for corned beef. I have a great story for you about tongue. A couple of my Mom's friends and their children were visting our house. Mom was boiling a tongue for dinner that night and just as we walked by the kitchen, the thing pushed up the lid on the pot and came sticking out at us! Everyone was crying for a different reason! My mom & her friends were laughing so hard and us kids were so frightened! We all still have a good laugh over this one.

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