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August 24, 2006



I'm new to your book group, and must say that i enjoy it very much.

I was especially moved by your blog article on 8/24/06, regarding fear.

This past 4.5 months have been the hardest time of my 42 years of life. My husband was arrested on a false accusation, (which have yet to be filed by the DA, so he can't even defend himself yet) forced to move out of our home, our children were taken from us (they've since been returned to my care). But i'm still expected to carry on like i'm in control. I have to deal with social workers showing up unannounced, and unwelcomed; a household income that has been severed by a third, and the lonliness that comes with not having your partner of 20 years by your side when you need him.

I used to define fear by how fast my heart raced after seeing a scary movie; now i define fear by how fast my heart races when i hear my kids missing their father, or the bill collectors calling looking for their share of the pie; or when i realize that the extra person in my bed is my daughter, not my soul mate. Fear for me is especially defined when i see my husbands face, looking lonely and scared.

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