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May 11, 2006


Sandra L. Volpe


Could you email me Brothers-3? I have 1,2 and just today recieved 4, but I can not locate 3 anywhere. I looked in all my folders, to no avail. I do not know what happen to Brothers-3. I am sorry to be a bother but would like to have it emailed to me to complete my read.


Sandra L. Volpe

Katherine Greaves

Hi Suzanne,
Today's Dear Reader about worrying was a smile-getter! Despite your assurances with the level of worrying expertise you have, I know someone that could top you! She's the World Champion of worriers. She doesn't even ask for others troubles to be shared for her to worry about if her own aren't enough. She has the ability to "make-up" worries. Drives the family nuts. Surprising what she can find to worry about. Take for example food. She worries we eat too little, too much, too early, too late, too fast, too slow. The food is too spicy, too bland, too hot, too cold, overcooked, undercooked.... and on she goes. Her worries are like the beat of hummingbird's wings, moving so fast you can't keep up. She even worries about worrying. We all know that when she says, "Well, I'm just not going to worry about it", that what she means is that all she'll be doing is - worrying. Maybe I should tell her about your problem of worrying, Suzanne, it will give her something different to worry about ;o)

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