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May 23, 2006


Cindy Ziegler

Besides being a great book club facilitator you're also a quilter?
Wonderful, I've gotten a lot of insight form your blogs!
Don't worry about the quilt. The next time you look at it you'll probably figure out whats wrong!And don't let the "Quilt Police" get to you.If not come to Oklahoma and I'll take a look!

Veronica Robinson

I'm reading Richard Laymon's, "Into The Fire". Except for James Patterson, Mr. Lymon is an excellent reader. I can't wait for the next pages.

Joanne Bockus

Suzanne, about the quilt, I do that kind of quilting too. There are probably a lot of us out here. If the quilt is just lopsided for some reason, how about laying it out flat and either squaring up the sides that are off, or to make it even more different, lop off an odd shaped elongated triangle the length of the side. Flip that over and lop off a matching but opposite triangle on the other side, then attach a new piece of a contrasting fabric on both sides to make it look like you planned it offcenter, kind of on the bias!
If all else fails and you still hate it, pitch it so you don't ever feel guilty for being Avant Garde.
Love your book reader service but it makes me buy more books now, just started trading also at a new service called the paperbackswap.com, great place to swap instead of having to buy! Joanne

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