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May 16, 2006


Pauline Lockwood

Dear Suzanne,
Regarding your comments today (5/16/06) I have found that this is a phenomenon that hits in the mid to late 50s. The early part of the 50s is very productive and all go, but suddenly one slows down, still productive but nothing seems quite as urgent or important any more. I am now nearly 72 and nothing is very urgent! I am enjoying doing nothing much and not feeling guilty. I love to read, do all sorts of puzzles, and eat lunch out with my husband. I exercise which keeps me going and my mind fresh.
Love the book club. Keep going!

Sincerely, Pauline


I really enjoy reading your column and reading the books.The only thing is I get involved in them and then when its done,I need to know what happens next,but;I can't buy every book,ya know.Thank You for your column,I do enjoy it.I have even sent it to people I know,and they love it too.

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