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April 20, 2006



Awww, you got me all choked up, Suzanne! This may have been your best Dear Reader yet ... inspirational, sweet, and proof positive that you really CAN'T judge a book by its cover!


Hi, Suzanne,

I think everyone has stories to tell, they just need encouragements like what you gave to Buddy.

I have tried many times to write my story about raising my autistic son since 1996, and have not gotten very far. I alway have excuses such as I don't write well; English is not my mother tongue;it is too emotional and painful to think about past experiences. my son is approaching age 35, I am 66, I sure have not much time left to be stalling.


Eve Silver

Suzanne, your encouragement to Buddy was wonderful. Perhaps it will be the catalyst he needs to begin writing once more. I followed similar advice some time ago. I wrote a little every night, stealing time from household chores, and in the end, the sentences and paragraphs I wrote became a book.

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