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March 10, 2006



I know what you mean? As a kid, I lived in Montana, Alaska, Massachusetts and Iowa - snow is nothing fancy to me. Now I live in Alabama - one of those states that when snow is even faintly referred to, the grocery stores run out of bread and milk! All I care about is being off work for whoever long....
Off work, out of school - just a change in the location - the desire to be free when I should be "working" is still the same.

carolyn teasley

i can relate to your letter to readers concerning the BLACK SNAKE. last summer after checking under the hood of my car, as i get in and start backing out the drive way i see this huge black snake slither across my driveway inches where i had just been standing. i stop the car. start screaming and honking the horn to let my family know to be careful (so i thought) because of the snake. my husband after asking what color the snake starts laughing. he tells me it just a harmless black snake. i don't care how harmless, i'm with you---keep the snakes away from me. it was weeks before i could just walk to my car without looking for anything that was moving!

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