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March 08, 2006


Suzy Lancaster

The good news is that the snake is most likely harmless to you- mice, another story.

The bad thing is that if she is hanging around, there is a food source closer by.

I laughed a lot, but sure understood the screamin' meamies on almost stepping on a snake! I didn't like the books this week, but before I delete, I have to read your messege of the day.

Of course, you wrote this a couple days ago, so I imagine you have been re-assured on your new tenant's eating habits. The little snakes will be after bugs, so that is a good thing as well.

Have fun, and learn to glance where down before you step- on your porch or a cow pasture!

Thanks for the giggle,

Sylvia McQuaide

No bad news from me. Our huge black snake occupant sat on the open rafter in an upstairs attic room after gaining entrance. He/She slept the winter away while my husband did his work (he is an architect) in that room. One day, we looked up & our guest had departed, leaving his/her winter skin on the rafter. We could not have asked for a more trouble free guest, butwe are not looking for another! All the possible entrance spots have long since been sealed too! Good luck with your guest.

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