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March 07, 2006



Suzanne - let your husband know those day-of-the-week clocks are terrific for the elderly! My grandmother, who is confined to bed most of the time, often gets confused about which day it is, which can be frustrating when she thinks it is a day when my mom is going to visit, but it's not.

Good luck with the day-of-the-week undies. We had some for my daughter, but she would get very upset if we hadn't kept up with the laundry and didn't have the right ones clean! Those page-a-day calendars are a good solution, too -- and some of them are quite entertaining!

As always, thanks for the great work you do! (I just finished "The Pecking Order: Which Siblings Succeed and Why," which I would never have picked up had I not sampled it through the Book Clubs!)


Suzanne, you are hilarious. I always look forward to your emails.

When I was in Elementary School, those day of the week undies were totally embarrasing! Go for the clock :)

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