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March 21, 2006



Suzanne: I love reading your column even if I don't always love the book. I have decided that in my old age, that if it takes me a while to get into a project, it is just not for me. Because when I am excited about it, I steal time for it. Even if it is 10 minutes before doing something else. Just like the book about he's just not that into you then drop him. Same with a project. But I am glad you have picked it up again. Just remember, baby steps work, too. But don't take some much time that you don't have time for us readers. We love ya', you know.


Over thirty years ago I started a beautiful baby quilt while pregnant with our first daughter. She came early and the unfinished quilt was packed away. I finally finished it this year because I had the right incentive. I presented it to the same daughter at a baby shower for our first grandchild. INCENTIVE is the key!


22 years ago my mother started a knitted afghan for my 4th child, she never finished it. While going through her belongings after she had passed away, I found it. My oldest daughter was expecting, so I pulled it out and finished it. The first few rows that I attached to my mom's were rugged, I hadnt knitted in 30 years! It did turn out beautiful and was a touching gift at the baby shower, as the surprise present.

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