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January 23, 2006


Rita Parson

I love waking up every morning ( during the week), it almost feels like I'm a kid again at Christmas time. I make the coffee, eat my breakfast and all the while I'm tapping my foot waiting for the moment that I can rush to the computer, turn it on and wait some more for the darn thing to warm up. Then it's warm and ready for me to go to my email to see what piece of joy Suzanne has picked out this week. I love her comments before the actual book. She always gives us a clue into her life which to me makes her more of a mentor to read with than a friend. I don't always like some of the books she choses for us but that's what this book club is all about giving us insight to books that we wouldn't normally read. I have found more treasures to read through this book club than I have books that don't interest me. I thank Suzanne every day - Monday thru Friday for brightening up my morning and my day. Thank You Suzanne
Rita Parson- Avid Reader

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