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November 23, 2005



Dear Suzanne--

Now you've done it. You can't just drop in that your mother loved your shrimp and shell salad. You've GOT to post the recipe! (It will go into my recipe box as "Suzanne's Mother's Favorite Shrimp & Shells.")

It's so good to cook with friends.


Wait a sec! call me picky (maybe this is why I AM a Loner sans'friends') but why is your Dear Reader about friendship dated WEd Nov 23 and yet it's Nov 24th in your blog list? Oh, maybe it's because you actually SEND it sometime before midnight the day before? which is when the 'net dates it but we aren't s'posed to read it til the next day. Often I do read your column late at night so never noticed the date discrepency.
N'importe, I never mind being reminded of ones I'm not looking for as I look for a particular one.
Well I'm off to check the last few days to see if my observation tracks. I wonder who else, but a loner, is rereading Suzanne's Blogs ON Thanksgiving Day! In a little while I'll be calling small family gatherings across the North american Continent to share their Thankfulness...or in Canada's case to give them a second day to share with us.

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