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September 30, 2005


Kiyoshi Nagata, from Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

I'm a Japanese reader,and for that matter, a pretty long timer of Ms. Beecher's Book Clubs. (BTW, we in Japan always go by using the family names to communicate with each other in public, and allow me this Japanese formality.)

I just happended to read this email. And,wow, what a touching story it is between the two of you--Ms. Beecher and Mr. Geller !

Your story, Mr. Geller, certainly reminds me of my good old days spent as an exchange student from Japan to the States a long, long time ago. Quite likely, well before many of Ms. Beecher's Book Clubs readers were born, let me tell you, I was in your country as a student ! How about that?

I like(d) your story every descriptive way, Mr.Geller, and your impressions of Madam Beecher
when you first met. Did I also understand you to say that you "got breast cancer" ? and that you "went through the operation and radiation - doing fine now..."?? Please, do take the very best care of yourself, and keep having a positive thinking attitude as in your email writing.

We are told thousands of times being a positive thinker and meeting with people like-minded certainly enhance the chances of our own lives being constantly uplifted, thus making our bodies highly immnue against all sorts of viruses. That also applies to me.

I like to read Ms. Beecher's selections of books, and her books teach us a lot about how to make the greatest value (even, virtue !)of our living.

Thanks somuch, Ms. Beecher, all the way from Japan. Kindly be advised that in a remote place such as Chiba, in Japan there's one great admirer of Suzanne Beecher and all of her Dear Readers from around the world.

May you, Beecher-san, continue to have an excellent health and enjoy a professional living !

May all Readers (and certainly, Mr. Geller) be blessed with happy living and working !

Will stay on base...

Kiyoshi Nagata
Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

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