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July 18, 2005



My first memories of playing croquet was at my neighbors house. We had the greatest time playing in her back yard during the summer time, just the two of us. Her yard wasn't flat either, there was this dip, so it made it more challenging.
I would like my family to have the same kind of memories that I have about summer. They seem to be stuck on TV and Electronic Games, they are missing out on so much more.
Your set would not gather cobwebs at my house, I would be dragging it out every chance that I would get.

Carol Burden

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing croquet at family gatherings. My mother had five brothers, and there were ten grandchildren at the time, so you can imagine the struggle to determine who got to play first. And that was before the adults decided to take a turn. I can't even remember how long it's been since I played croquet, but wouldn't that be a great excuse to gather everyone together again?

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